Diocesan synod progress

Written By Communication team Posted 12 Jun 2019

Sunday 9th June 2019. Delegates arrived at the venue of the Synod, Bishop Nicholas Stam Pastoral Centre. Delegates were familiarized with the sitting arrangement and taken through the documents to be used during the proceedings of the Synod.

Monday 10th June 2019. We had official opening Mass presided by Rt. Rev. Joseph Obanyi Sagwe the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega. In his Homily the Bishop reiterated the Synod Motto “Duc in altum” with the opening words and instruction of Jesus Christ to the Disciples who were tired and discouraged after a night when they failed to catch any fish. In the same spirit, Jesus is asking us during this Synod to move out of our fatigue, our routine, our discouragement and business as usual in order to venture into the deep waters of uncertainty and risk to a path indicated to us to follow.

In the Afternoon we had opening remarks from the Vicar general and the Bishop. There was a moment of electing scrutinizers whose role is to be in charge of the voting procedures. The first theme of study was introduced for delegates deliberations.

On Governance and Administration of the Diocese some of the proposals raised by the delegates were:

  • Creating a department for persons with special needs in the Diocese.
  • Mechanisms to be put in place to enhance collaboration of Parish Priests and Assistant Priests to ensure they live in harmony.
  • Need for women’s desk to coordinate their activities.
  • Creating a family life programme department.
  • Every parish to have a strategic plan that must be followed even when a Priest is transferred.