Diocesan Synod

Introduction to the synod

Diocesan Synod

This is an assembly of the clergy and sometimes also the laity in a diocese to decide over the doctrines concerning the church at large (The Diocese) and it is presided over by the Bishop. Its purpose is to assist the Bishop in the exercise of the office proper to him, namely that of governing the flock entrusted to him. The diocesan synod is a very important organ of the diocese in which the Bishop, with the assistance and counsel of various structures of the diocesan community, solemnly exercises within it the office and ministry of caring for his flock, adopting the rules of the Universal Church to the particular situation of the diocese. His Lordship Rt. Rev. Joseph proposed a Diocesan synod for the Kakamega Diocese that would make all the church stakeholders to come together and contribute towards the direction of the Diocese in the mission of evangelization.

The Theme of the Diocesan Synod

Our Diocese, Our Faith, Our Responsibility… “Throw into the deep water and pay out your nets for a catch.” (LK. 5:4)
Our Diocese

A Diocese is a section of the people of God entrusted to a Bishop to be guided by him with the assistance of his clergy, so that loyal to its pastor and formed by him into one community in the Holy Spirit through the gospel and the Eucharist, it constitutes the particular church in which the one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ is truly present and active. (Christus Dominus no. 11). A mention by passing of a parish as a portion of the Diocese whose care is entrusted to the Parish Priest under the authority of the Bishop will be extremely important. This is where we are born into the life of the Church and nourished. We also talk about the small Christian community properly connected to the parish as a local incarnation of the one Holy catholic and apostolic church. This is a dream and vision of the Church according to the AMECEA Fathers.

Our Faith

Faith is simply the strong belief in the doctrines of a religion based in the doctrines of religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. The Catholic faith in our diocese as enshrined in the Church’s teaching was brought by the Mill Hill Missionaries as our pioneer evangelizers of the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega. This Faith has been lived and passed on by our forefathers in faith for over 100yrs and now 40yrs as a diocese. This time of the Synod is a real moment of grace to reflect on our faith, look into the past, the present and propose ways to renew our pastoral strategies as we chart our way forward in the work of evangelization.

Our Responsibility

We are liable for the diocese daily evangelization mission. We are not only obliged to be part of this Synodal process but also walk together in implementing the fruits of this process. The wise words of Blessed Pope Paul VI-in his Kampala address on 31/7/1969 in his missionary visit of the African continent come into play. The Church in Africa must be truly catholic and genuinely African. Secondly; African Continent must be missionaries unto herself i.e we must be self-ministering, self-sustaining and self-propagating. All of us must be involved; clergy, religious men and women, apostolic movements, youths etc.

’’Throw into the deep water and pay out your nets for a catch....’’ Luke. 5:4

It is a scriptural text to support the theme of our Synod.

A fisherman is a very patient man. He braves the scorching sun patiently waiting to hook out the fish from the waters. With bait on the hook to attract the fish, he patiently waits for a catch. Some fishermen risk at night with their nets for a catch. I admire the patience of a fisherman with all the risks of attack by aquatic dangerous animals, the loneliness in the waters at night and above all the hope that all is well.

Christ transforms us from being fishers of fish to fishers of men. Faith has been lived in the Diocese for forty years with great success. The synod will prepare all of us to deepen and intensify our pastoral approaches for greater yields. This will only be possible if we allow Christ the owner of the mission to guide and direct our steps. With all our professionalism without Christ our toils will yield nothing. Allowing Christ to direct the mission of the Church and doubling our evangelizing efforts, we yield fruits in abundance. This is achievable if we are all united and guided by the Bishop as the Chief Fisher of men in the Diocese in a collaborative way.