The Bishop Emeritus

The First Bishop of the Diocese

His Lordship Rt. Rev. Philip Sulumeti

Bishop Emeritus of Kakamega

Bishop Philip Sulumeti was born on 15 th August 1937 at Kotur in Teso district. He was ordained priest on 6 th January 1966 and consecrated bishop on 20 th August 1972. He served for 4 years as the Auxiliary Bishop to Bishop John De Reeper bishop of Kisumu. On 9 th December 1976 he became the bishop of the Diocese of Kisumu where he served 2 years as the third Bishop of Kisumu. On 27 th February 1978 he was transeffered to the diocese of Kakamega where he was the local Ordinary until March 2015 where he handed over to the Rt. Rev Joseph Obanyi Sagwe. He has served for 43 years as a bishop.